Shenzhou [SHOWCASE]

About me

Hey hey! My name is Ben and I’m currently 14 years old turning 15 in around 3 months. I’ve been developing for around a year now.

About the project

This project’s (showcase) name is called Shenzhou, the name is based off a real life satellite, I took that name and added it to an old Space Station I made. There are in total of 3 models in this showcase, the pillows, bed (I didn’t know how to mesh back then) and the intro. I edited the intro to a song I think would go well with it and in fact it sounded VERY well so i’m happy I edited that. Overall I don’t think it was that amazing of a project, it’s old and small, I could of added more at the end where the dark area is, I lost motivation and don’t care for it anymore. It is actually up for sale, I got a bid for 30k on it and he’s saving up for it (hopefully I’ll get the Robux in the next 2 months). Anywhere around that price would be cool. My favorite part of the showcase would probably be the small room, it has a simple and decent detail, the Earth view with the sun rays is what I really like about it. The thumbnail isn’t the best but it’ll do. Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out my other showcases.

Sneak Peek



This is really cool! Thank you for sharing such a cool creation with us! I love the low humming sound and the cool animated/futuristic objects. Really nice work!

Happy Holidays!

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I love the design on the building and I am intrigued by the light rays coming into the room/hallway.

Keep up the great work! :clap: :+1: :smile:

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Thank you! I am looking forward to making another showcase based off a Sci-Fi/Modified car I made a little while ago. It will be taking place in a Tokyo.



Oh Cool, Cyber-Truck? Haha I like the meme

That car looks amazing. I wish it was mine lol. I can’t wait to see your next showcase!

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Thank you! Everything seems to be blowing up in my Dev profile, anyways, I’ll be putting the car in a garage in a place in Tokyo with city street lights and it’ll have that nice Tokyo feel.

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I’m not taking it as a joke, I’m interested in wanting to see it

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Great looking car! Did you use plugins to make it or is it from blender or union?

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I used Blender for this car. It took a while to make because i’m not the best in Blender but it’s good.

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Thanks for letting me know, I was planning to create some futuristic vehicles but it’s close to impossible in roblox studio to have detailed creations like this

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I honestly have no idea what to say besides WOW…I loaded into Shenzhou not knowing what to expect, yet I was stunned. As someone who as a massive space enthusiasts as myself, I feel in love with this showcase. The attention to detail, the story, the lighting. It all just flows into eachother. 100000/10, keep up the amazing work my guy. I look forward to what you bring next.

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Thank you, I’m currently making a showcase taking place in Tokyo, it’s still in progress and it will be for a long time but when it’s done, just be prepared.

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