Shift does not slow down camera after changing properties

After changing an object’s properties, the shift key will not slow down camera movement.

The only way to make it work again is to select something again in the workspace. This is an annoyance when working with anything that requires switching between moving the camera slowly and adjusting properties of various objects.

This bug has been occuring for as long as I can remember Studio have a shift to slow down camera feature.

Repro steps:

  1. Open Studio and a new, blank baseplate
  2. Insert a Part into the workspace
  3. Select the Part through workspace or the explorer
  4. Change the any property of the part
  5. Without clicking anything else, hold down shift and attempt to move the camera slowly

What I find in my particular case is that this behaviour happens if my last left click wasn’t in the workspace viewport. I can only replicate this on MacOS.

Is this the same issue you’re facing? What OS are you using?


I have this problem, it’s quite annoying

Only happening on MacOS:
If you click anywhere other than the 3d viewport like the properties tab and move your camera with WASD, holding down left shift will no longer slow down the camera, when it should.