Shift lock for mobile players

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make a script that will allow mobile players to get the ability of using shift lock.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because, instead of just letting PC Players to move their camera fast and easliy, mobile players will have to play in a kind of a hard way, only if it wasn’t added. This would also help me because, I can just easliy go to my game settings and allow mobile players to have shift lock in my game.

In general, let’s say mostly every game in Roblox has shift lock for PC players. We already know that it’s not really recommended for mobile players, but I’d like to see it added.

The reason why I want it to be added, because shift lock is useful and it’s easier to play if it was added on mobile too. Also, the main reason why I want, it’s because I want my mobile players to have the ability to use shift lock on mobile devices.

How I would prefer it to be implemented:

First of all, Roblox should turn off shift lock for every mobile player. The game creator should go to his game settings and select permissions, then turn their shift lock option on for mobile players. (A toggle button).

Second thing, if the creator of the game already has a script to turn on shift lock for mobile players, then he doesn’t need to mind about it. (Still recommended to go to their game settings and turn it on, due to some scripts may be broke after some updates).

QUICK NOTE: I don’t want this thing to be released immediatly, since we have our Beta Testers who are a part of our Beta Tester Program, we can just add this feature to Beta Testers and wait until we resolve every bug from it. After a while after it got tested, it should be released to public.

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Shiftlock, incase you weren’t aware, is a movement method that emulates first person mode in a more comfortable third person camera view. It is essential to some games, such as very hard obbies.

Currently, on mobile devices such as Android or iOS, there is no option to have shiftlock enabled. The only alternative is first person mode, as of now.

As a Roblox mobile player, it is too hard to have to use first person as an alternative. Walking without first person/shiftlock is very uncomfortable, and shiftlock is much easier as a movement method.

If this issue is adressed, it would improve my playing experience because shiftlock is a much more comfortable movement method, and it would enable mobile players to play more freely and have access to more options for cameras. Some very hard obbies have jumps that require shiftlock, and some games have resorted to using their own scripted shiftlock button UI or a free model. This would also save developers time by not feeling pushed to add a shiftlock button, and that extra bit of lag. It may even make it easier for some scripters to do CFrame as they have camera angles set in shiftlock, such as the one in Astral Hearts.

I’d recommend maybe add this in the settings as a camera view, like classic and follow, although a button such as the jump button would be preferred.

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