Shift Lock Icon Not Changing

I changed the shift lock icon line from what it normaly is to

local DEFAULT_MOUSE_LOCK_CURSOR = 'rbxassetid://10700326032'

I looked it up and this should work. Why isnt it?




already tried that. I dunno why its not working

I believe I identify the issue… The variable is okay and has the correct Content! However, it is missing some little points.

According to the API Reference, you need to get the property mouse at Players.LocalPlayer in the workspace, and for the second line, insert .Icon… Therefore, should be like this:

local DEFAULT_MOUSE_LOCK_CURSOR = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
DEFAULT_MOUSE_LOCK_CURSOR.Icon = 'rbxassetid://10700326032'

Article about it:
» Mouse.Icon

now it doesnt even let me shiftlock

no, he is changing the icon it self from the PlayerModule

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yeah I replaced the default “local DEFAULT_MOUSE_LOCK_ CURSOR = ‘whatever it was’” in player module camera thing with what he did. Still doesnt work

ok so for some reason the rbxassetid://10700326032 is an instance instead of a string. First of all, how is this a string? and 2, how do I convert this to a string? I tried tostring() and string.format

you have to put it inside the two quotation marks. " "

i did. I just used one for the above text so it would be easier to see where the script i was quoting ended

whatever idc about this anymore