Shift select in Explorer will randomly select all contents above/below selection

Sometimes when using the shift select feature in the Explorer widget, it will instead select everything below (or above) my clicked selection instead. This is extremely bad for large places as it will just flat out crash studio from having too many instances selected at once.

This bug occurs fairly regularly for me, even after re-installing.


I’ve also been having this issue and honestly, it’s been very detrimental to the progress of my larger games (ones with hundreds of thousands of MeshParts). Along with this I’ve noticed that during play-testing if I press Ctrl+A (for example, crouching and moving left), it will still select everything despite not having something selected. Perhaps having the option to prevent selecting all objects, or possibly prevent selecting certain objects, at least prevent selecting more than a specific number of objects may help?


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when there’s any update on the issue.

The bug is still happening until today, it honestly is a pain because when it selects all the contents in the game like all parts, it lags the studio and sometimes crashed it making that i lose the progress due to the crash (selected too many parts). The crash is because my laptop is not that strong but because it selects ALL the items in the studio, which is alot in my case

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We don’t understand the cause of this and without a repro case it is unfortunately very unlikely we will be able to fix this unless we can find one.

We plan on making some huge refactors to the explorer in the coming year which will by nature fix this bug.

Although unrelated to the bug, this issue should be resolved if you un-tick the “Respect Studio shortcuts when game has focus” setting in Studio settings!

I’m afraid this does not fix the issue, I tried un-ticking the setting and I still ended up getting in the same situation where the bug selects almost everything in the explorer. :face_exhaling:

This was a fix just for the case where pressing the hotkey during gameplay would trigger select all. The bug is a separate issue that we still cannot figure out how to reproduce on our end :frowning:

Oh alright, nevermind then, I appreciate the info nonetheless

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Oh, much appreciated. I was not aware of this setting before you mentioned it. This will definitely come in handy.

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Can confirm this is happening to me as well, it will select things above the part that was initially selected and freeze for a minute or so, at times it crashes. This bug usually occurs when I’m selecting all children from a model, there should be a shortcut for that instead of having to shift-click or using the select all children option in the right-click menu.

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There is work underway on the Explorer pane which will fix this and many other small QoL issues. Closing this for now as we won’t be individually addressing these before the main change ships.