Shifting particle colors

Is there any way I can re-use this script to make it so that particles change colors instead of a brick?

b = script.Parent
x = 0

while true do
	b.Color = Color3.fromHSV(x,1,1)
	x = x + 2/255
	if x >=1 then

The “Color” property of ParticleEmitter instances is described by a ColorSequence value not a Color3 value, so no.

local emitter = script.Parent

local x = 0

while task.wait() do
	emitter.Color =, 0, 0))
	x = if x > 255 then 0 else x + 1

This works when placed inside the “ParticleEmitter instance”.

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I suggest NOT to do it by script at all, it’s heavy and not needed.
Instead - make the base image of the particle you’re using white - and use the color sequence property on the particle emitter. Add all the colors you want there - and the colors will automatically change in the order you decided.

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I understand this, but the way I want it is for all of them to be one color shift.

If I did make all the particles used to shift colors, they would have different colors.

But the way I want it is for all of them to be the same color and all shift at the same time.

The script provided here didn’t work, but I used the main script I provided and added your “” in front of Color3.

But I still consider this a solution.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

That script does work, I tested it beforehand.

You must’ve done something wrong on your end.