Shiki_Tsugu's Portfolio, 3D modeler mostly [Open for commissions only]

About me
Yo, I’m mostly a 3D modeler developer but I’m not known to the “dev world” I just make stuff here and there for some games for my friends. I have been modeling since 2017 and I now have decided to be open to Mesh commisions.

You can check out some of my works on my twitter here

I can work almost everyday and I usually work pretty fast (although it still depends on what I have to modelize)

I mostly take group payment, prices for commissions mostly depends on the work, the time it takes, the difficulty (for example Mobs can go from 1k to 5k robux, hairs like 200 robux, armors can vary from 500 to even 5k depending on the difficulty). I’m also open to Paypal payments.

You can contact me here of course on the devforum but also on my twitter as mentionned in Showcase. I also have a discord account (Shiki#5064)

Thanks for you time :slight_smile:

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