Ship in my game is spawning into the game very very wrongly

ROBLOX updated their player recently. With this update, a pretty significant glitch in my game occurred.

The battleship in my game, which is a pretty major part of the game, will spawn upside down. I vaguely remember this glitch being present for a day or two years ago before ROBLOX updated their player again, and then there was no issue.

The other ships I use in the game have no issue, despite them using the same control system as the battleship, an edited version of this.

The only issues I can think of are that the battleship has player-controlled turrets and missiles on it that also use BodyGyro and BodyPosition for controlling/movement. However, one of the other ships mentioned previously uses the same turret system and does not have this issue, and when I removed the missiles off of the battleship, the glitch continued to occur.

I have no idea what the issue is. I was planning on replacing this particular ship anyway with an updated build and much more modern/clean missile systems, however, that would take some time whereas this is an urgent issue that needs a patch ASAP.