Shirt is not showing

Im trying to make a character editor in my game, but for some reason the shirts arent showing
and are just showing blank

The shirtTemplateId is changing so i dont know whats wrong with it


Make sure your changing the shirt template ID Like:

Shirt.ShirtTemplate = “

To get the asset id paste your clothing id into a shirt object, then press enter. Then copy it again (it will change the id to the template which is what we want, as well as format it) and then put it into your script.

Can I see some code? Kind of need to see it in order to help.

And if it isn’t following what @Asmetics, make the according change and it should work.

Heres the server script

I think it might need to be an Image ID.

Lol im stupid theres a double quotation mark after shirt template, Thanks for the help

We always make typos, it’s alright.

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