Shirt Not Going Through Moderation

I’m trying to upload a specific shirt, yet it isn’t going through with moderation. I’ve tried uploading it 2 times, still nothing. Here’s the template I’m trying to upload, I can’t think of anything that would lead it to be moderated

The shirt’s sleeves contain fishnets but I don’t really think it should have an impact with moderation, should it?

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You may need to go to then select the Moderation category, and then select Appeal Account or Content. After that, descibe your issue to them and they may help.

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Is the watermark present on the file you upload? It may be rejecting it for hard to read/obfuscated text on the shirt.


This is just a thought but does Roblox think it resembles the color of blood too much?

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i don’t think so but i think like @silas_4008 said the only solution is to contact the support.


Nope! It’s just for extra precautions since this shirt is meant for someone else, I didn’t want it getting stolen. There is no watermark on the original one.

Support is a pretty bad option, the chances are VERY low that Roblox support will accept the appeal with their history.

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then i would maybe recommend @wereallgoofygoobers6 to message @Mod_Review_Requests that should be a soloution.

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