Shogun Battlegrounds: A Very Late Prologue #1

Haven’t been on Studio for at least a year, or touched Roblox in general much either.
Now that summer break’s started, my friend and I are working on a 100% original (apart from the occassional reference) battlegrounds game called Shogun Battlegrounds. As of now, we have a map in progress and a full attack type module with melee, ranged, and AOE attacks (can only show melee at the moment) and I’m currently working on the character moveset organization system with UI. Here’s a quick vid of game progress from a game tester: I’m sorry, I know it’s laggy but I can’t record it myself rn

The craziest part about this project is that we only started on the 1st of the month, and at this rate, our game is set to release before August!

If you want to play it, either now or when we make any new updates, you can join here:
Group members access, so join the group!

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and just so we don’t have to go through replying to suggestions we’re already working on, here’s our schedule for the game
Shogun Battlegrounds Roadmap.pdf (49.8 KB)

TLDR; Go check out our game! Thanks for reading through all that yap (it’s 3 in the morning and I just finished on projectiles.)


Tell me one reason why this game is 100% original

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We chose to not directly take ideas from anime like most games you see nowadays, however it’s kind of an exaggeration with references and easter eggs here and there