Shonen Universe - Development Roadmap

Shonen Universe Development Roadmap

Chapter 1 - Dates and Times.

Chapter 2 - Credits

Chapter 3 - Game Information

Chapter 1 - Dev Roadmap

The roadmap is fairly simple. I wanna release Alpha sometime in mid-may, and eventually get beta out before summer so I can focus on game updates throughout summer for revenue. Massive updates will be monthly, good updates per 1-2 weeks, and every 2-3 days will be exploit patches and other necessary bug fixes.

Here is a detailed development mapout for what I want to accomplish by these “due dates”;

March 29 - Intro Screen done

April 15 - all base systems done.

May 1 - have all the effects made and inputted to system, all needed is to implement them to specified attack moves.

May 23 - have the map done

First Week of Summer - At least one sword with animations and 3 skills done, along with a system for training and stats. Also have 1k+ discord members with an active community.

Mid-Summer - Released alpha, around beta-stage. Implementing bug-fixes, doing stress tests, and adding new items to the community’s content.

End-Summer - Game closed, tech being sold to people who are willing to pay, simply because of Anime Legends going to kill the game regardless. There will be a tournament for a prize.

Chapter 2 - Development Credits

User Interface - 4Roads image

Scripting - 4Roads image

Building - 4Roads / SinfulVision image image

Visual Effects & Particles - Particle Pack and UI Goku V

Game Management - 4Roads / Radicalbuster567 image image

Chapter 3 - Game Information

This game is a crossover between Anime Legends (credits to BlockZone), and Genshin Impact (credits to mihoyo development). It’s a crossover between Anime and the MMORPG world. This game is sort of similar to Anime Legends, but I will find ways to separate it or else it’s down right plagiarism of the idea and I’m not into that.

The game will have concepts that are grabbed from numerous different Animes, and Mangas, even WebToon if I find a good one.

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