Shoot knockback script

I want to give shoot knockbacking like in the arsenal, but I don’t know how. I know it’s done through ‘body gyro’, ‘body force’ and ‘body velocity’ but I misunderstood them. I also want to littre push back while firing from a strong weapon such as a machine gun. I already have a gun system and raycasting

basically you can use linear velocity,below is an example

local part = script.Parent
local linear ="LinearVelocity",part)
local attach ="Attachment",part)
linear.Attachment0 = attach
linear.MaxForce = math.huge
linear.VectorVelocity =,100,0)

did not work for me, I set the parent of these objects to the player humanoidrootpart. Even set a longer time for destroy all the same. Sorry for late reply

edited: now working :slight_smile: