Shooter with destructible environment - playtest footage

Hi all! Here is a video from our latest test match. There is only the 2 of us, but we are building the map with 5v5 in mind.

My brother and I are making good progress with the game, so we figured it’s time to show it off to gather some feedback, and maybe even some people who would be interested in a public beta when the development reaches that point (hopefully in a month or so, but you know what they say about software projects and time estimates).

The game is set in a fully destructible environment, but instead of encouraging destruction, points are awarded for covering your opponent’s base in your team’s color, which creates an interesting dissonance between the destruction and the painting game mechanics: will you let your opponent score points, or destroy your own cover around your spawn area preemptively?

Currently we are going with the title Paint/Off, as the game has something to do with painting and with stripping things off of buildings (like the walls, and the support structures and the whole building, of course), but we are not native speakers, so we would be glad to hear your opinion on this, too.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do, but the core mechanics are mostly implemented. Our plan is to move to a public beta testing phase as soon as possible, and to facilitate this, focus on features that make the game more enjoyable even when there is only a small number of players online, because realistically we can’t expect swarms of test players and full 5v5 lobbies at this point. So adding badges/achievements for certain stunts and trick shots and… and building a social media presence, I guess.

So, we would greatly appreciate if you could give us your honest opinions and suggestions based on this footage, and if you are interested in playtesting hopefully in the not too distant future, we would like to encourage you to follow us on YouTube (or on other platforms, you can find our other contacts in the video’s description).


Pls try to use your own gun system7/10. Would like to help as builder?

Thank you for your interest, but at this point we would like to keep it a two men endeavor.
As for the gun system, what is wrong with this standard Roblox kit we are using right now? It has some quirks, but we are slowly ironing everything out in the scripts.

People might say u used free models

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Looks pretty good. I’d suggest making the walls one big union so they paint all at once. Also consider rounding the score so you don’t get a number with 8 decimal points at the top of the screen.

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Yeah; I know that I would do just that.

Yeah, I wanted to handle those decimals with a format string, but apparently I did not get it quite right.

Round the numbers using math.floor when they are a number, then use tostring to format them to strings.

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I suggest a bigger environment and greater lighting. No offense but the current state of the game looks plain and boring. Also, take a look at this article:

Formatting and Converting Strings (

With the magic of strings, you can limit the number of decimal places of the score.

local score = 1234.12345678;
local displayScore = string.format("%.2f", score); -- where the number after the period is the number of decimal places you want

print(displayScore) --> 1234.12

You should also implement various game modes (solo, duo, squad, etc.)

At 3:06 in the footage, the rocket displays that it had done 100 damage, yet the opponent has not died or receive any damage at all.

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