Shooting fireball

Hello developers,

I’ve been working on a anime game is this fire ball even good or is it trash? what is your opinion


Everything is perfect! All it needs now I just a throwing animation.


ok nice ill do that :smiley: thanks for the opinion

Wow it looks great! Needs animation though. Also, why is there two cursors? :confused:

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I don’t know when record it does that I fixed that

Epic man.Wish i can create something like that one day.

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you will some day it just takes practice, before i was a trash developer

It’s my 4th month of learning scripting tbh.

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oh sorry but hey i can make a free model for you

Cool creativity mate 10/10 and keep it up the good work.

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its awesome.I dont rly wanna get spoon feed but i wanna learn from ur model

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oh hey I’m making the model you can learn how to make it but you need to make your own animation

heres the model

tnx for it dude;i will make my own animation dw