Shooting Through Walls

I made a RayCasting gun, by using the default ray that somehow shooting through walls:

Anyone knows why this keeps happening.

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You’re going to need to use game.Workspace:FindPartOnRay() to determine if you’re hitting a part other than your target (e.g. a wall) and then end the ray there.

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Your ray starts inside the wall

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Then how do I can fix this? :neutral_face:

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I assume you are casting the Ray from the gun’s barrel or something. (Again no way to tell because no code) To fix this you should set the start point of the Ray to your characters Head, so the Ray does not originate inside of the brick.


I used default ray, the start position is from an attachment, and the end position is where the mouse clicked.

In this case I have assumed correctly and you should read my suggestion in the previous reply.

Can I have a link for that post?

I can’t use this cause my ignore folder will break.

local ignore = workspace.NoRay:GetChildren();
table.insert(ignore, char)
local part, position, normal = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(ray, ignore)

Does your ignore list include the wall? If so then that’s why the wall isn’t a part of your raycasting. Otherwise, maybe you should rescript how your ignore list works. Otherwise, @H_mzah brought up a valid point. Don’t raycast from the barrel of the gun, do it from the head. Then, if successful, create the bullet from the barrel.

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