Shop for 3D models in Roblox

You’ll have better results searching in #learning-resources:community-tutorials-resources compared to the toolbox within studio.

For example I found this lowpoly tree pack earlier this week while randomly browsing.

Yes, models there tend to be higher-quality, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, the toolbox has millions of models. Most of the time, if you need something specific and can’t just make it yourself, you’ll use the toolbox to see how to make it / put the model in your game.

I think that would be a really great feature to see added to Roblox. I believe if executed correctly, it could be massive.

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How would you stop another person from reselling the model for a higher price that they bought for a lower one?

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Had this idea before. I dont think its even possible to allow one person to take the model without physical contact between client and seller. Also, it runs the risk of other players getting the model at the same time without paying.