Shop for 3D models in Roblox

Hi, I came up with an idea lately, but I want to know if it collides with Roblox’s ToS.

The main idea is to create a shop in Roblox where players can easily buy high quality models. The interface should look like this: You do not pay with Robux but with another currency that can be bought with Robux. So my question is: how can you give the model to the buyer? Is my idea legitimate at all?



To my knowledge, this would not be against Roblox ToS. It’s no different than offering a modelling service in general.

However - what exactly would the difference be for me to shop on your 3d model website, rather than shopping at cgtrader, sketchfab, and others alike. 3D models are universal (to an extent) and as such there isn’t really a reason to have a platform specific store for this.

Cases where platform specific stores work are the Unity store, or the UE4 marketplace. Why do they work? Because these platforms have proprietary files that only work with their software. (.unity3D, .unreal)

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I understand what you are trying to say BUT people could already see how it looks in game. They get already imported and 100% compatible Models that would also be payed with Robux. I think that makes a huge difference to less experienced and younger developers.

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I think the only way to offer a service like that (without direct support from Roblox) would be to have some sort of showcase place for players to join and browse your model selection. This is completely fine and doable, and many modelers include these places in their portfolio.

However, if you were offering to sell licenses to your IP - this method would not be ideal because as we all know, anything loaded onto a player’s client is inevitably available to be downloaded (through exploits). This would make it impossible to secure your IP from being stolen and/or taken illegally - rendering this idea, as a business model, not viable.

If Roblox added support for users to sell models in a similar fashion as we can sell clothing - that would be the optimal way to achieve this as a business model… However that has it’s caveats as well.

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Yes I am aware of that issue that’s why I would be only showing Images of the model in game. I know that this is not the best way to show how it would look in game but the most secure.

Depends on the model type, let’s say for example I used your service for a low poly tree.

You could sculpt a watermark into said tree or place multiple watermarks across the tree. If it’s a single OBJ than the watermark would have to be manually removed within blender.

I think you mean that this could be used as an alternative instead of images but I think this would make the process of uploading a model to the game much more complex and time expensive. People who know Blender could also just remove the watermark. The best alternative for images would be links to youtube videos that show the models. I would rather stick with images :smiley:

Honestly, what’s the point of this?


A. They will simply use quality free models off of the shop
B. Your models will get leaked and people will just get them for free

If they are leaked someone has already bought them and there aren’t that much quality free models (without viruses) on the shop.

Isn’t it disrespectful to all of the high-quality modelers to say that? I see tons and tons of quality free models on the toolbox made by people who simply want to help others with no monetary gain.

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Depends on how simplified your watermark, OBJ is.

If you were to make a watermark design like this

wouldn’t be as simple to cover up.

You’re competing with other platforms that distribute .objs therefore making the requirements difficult on the consumers end would discourage us from using your service.

I think you’ve got a good concept yet it’s flawed since you haven’t covered every detail. You’re basing it on fear which isn’t something the costumers care about, we’re selfish and focused on what we want so we’ll take our business elsewhere.

I’m not trying to discourage you, I want you to succeed as I feel as if this service could not only be beneficial to me yet others as well. Best of luck to your service regardless of if you take my advice or not.

I just browsed through the toolbox and I couldn’t find many quality low poly meshes. Although I really appreciate when people put quality work on the toolbox.

If I paid for something, I wouldn’t want a watermark. I mean, come on! You’re paying for it!

Good point, but I see plenty of high-quality models in the toolbox, if you know where to look. It’s not the best solution, but it’s there if anyone needs it.

Thanks! Remember that it’s only a concept wich can be changed. Maybe I’ll put watermarks on the models or not, we’ll see. :smiley:

I would advise not to. I don’t think that people who pay for something would like a watermark on it.

I was referring to before the asset was purchased, after the asset was purchased the watermark would’ve been removed.

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If you want to search for it. In a shop (with a searchbar) you can easily find what you are looking for.

In the toolbox, you can also easily find what you are looking for.

Maybe, but they are not all the same style.