Shop GUI Not Showing

Hi! So I made a gui in another place, and imported it into the place I want it in. There is a main GUI with buttons, and when you press the open shop button, it sets the shop GUI to Enabled. In the other place, when I press the button it enables it fine, but here, it does nothing. It enables the GUI but I can’t see it no matter what I try. It’s there and enabled, but not visible for some reason. Here is a screenshot, if you need a screenshot of anything else let me know, thanks!

(the picture is in test mode after I pressed open shop, the ShopUI is enabled, but you can’t see anything.)

In properties, is visibility on?

did u check the frame’s visble property?

Yes it is on.

Is it the frame transparency, maybe try that.?

Nope that’s not it either. It’s weird because when I am in test mode it says the ShopUI is enabled, so the script is working fine, but I can’t see it no matter what I try.

Can we see the script? Have you checked the output?

I have checked the output, but here is the script. Like I said it enables it just fine when I test it, but I can’t see it.


local ShopUI = game.StarterGUI.ShopUI
local open = false

open = not open
if open then 
ShopUI.Enabled = false
ShopUI.Visible = false
script.Parent.Text = "Open Shop"
ShopUI.Enabled = true
ShopUI.Visible = true
script.Parent.Text = "Close"

Still doesn’t work, you forgot to end your functions so I added those, but it still doesn’t work.

Check at the top right corner of your game. You should see a button that says UI and an eye next to it. Click it

Tried it with that enabled and disabled, still doesn’t work.

Check the screen gui, the enabled property

You’re defining the gui as game.StarterGui.ShopUI. Since the contents of the startergui replicate to each client when the game starts, you aren’t actually opening your gui. Instead, reference it as game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.ShopUI.

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Now I have this, when I click the open shop button nothing happens.


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Would you mind sending a picture of the explorer so I can see where everything is?

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Sure, here.


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You should test this by adding a print(‘ButtonClicked’) just inside your function
you also could print in both parts of the open if statement to see if it even firing

I use Activated on my buttons

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The local script is shown in the screenshot above ^

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Check image transparency and set it to 0 it should help Idk if its already but yeah