Shop UI help needed

I’m trying to create a new shop GUI for my game but struggling with the terms of trying to lay it out and make it appear nice for the players - this is currently what I have, any suggestions?

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Try making some assets in an image editing software like PDN, if you can’t maybe apply some UICorners.

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Hey there!

Font: This one is important. Your font is too basic. Try using a different font. I would suggest the “Gotham Black” font or the “Luckiest Guy” font. Or, if you are graphically inclined, perhaps make your own in a 3rd party software such as Photoshop or Also, make your text smaller. It is almost touching the edges.

Color Scheme: Your color scheme is okay, but could be better. Depending on the theme of your game, I would recommend a lighter touch. They contrast too much and are hard to look at, especially the “Money” button.

Thirdly: Try using rounded edges for your assets to give more of a modern look.

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Try using a different font and a open/close button

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Add a bit of texture to the top buttons and add like a design to the yellow like a strips shine effect.