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:handshake:Partnership Information

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Shopio is always looking to seek new positive and strong partnerships. We thank you for having an interest to begin a partnership with us. In order to form a partnership with Shopio, we ask that you answer the following questions and submit your application to a Relations Director.

:ballot_box_with_check: Requirements to form a partnership:

1. Your group must be a company.
2. Your group must have a minimum of one hundred non-botted members.
3. Your group staff members must be respectful, professional, and mature.
4. Your group must be active, with it having at least one active game.
5. Your group members must not violate our rules and regulations.
6. Your group is expected to announce and attend our events.

:clipboard: Partnership Application:

  1. What group are you submitting a partnership request for?
  2. Why are you interested in forming a partnership with Shopios?
  3. Why should Shopio form a partnership with your group?
  4. How will your group benefit Shopios?
  5. How active is your group currently?
  6. Who could we contact if there were any problems or issues that were to occur?


Shopios reserves the right to terminate and/or blacklist a partnership if our Public Relations Department deems the partnership in violation of our rules and regulation

:arrows_clockwise: Conclusion

:tada: We hope that this new and updated handbook has helped you understand more about how things work at Shopios! If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything listed in any of these documents, do not hesitate to speak to any of our friendly staff!

:wave: We hope to see you at our games very soon!

:page_facing_up: Approved and Written by Shopios HRs.
:date: Last Updated August 1st, 2021.

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