Shortcut to Commit (Current) Draft

The Drafts system is a useful addition, but committing drafts through the context menu in the Drafts widget feels cumbersome. Lack of a shortcut to commit the current draft is very noticeable whenever I edit scripts in studio.

While minor, the addition of a shortcut to commit the current draft would cut out this (mild) tedium. Being able to just hit a key combination is easily more convenient than the current process. For both general use, and in cases like duplicating scripts where drafts have to be committed first.

There is an “Apply Edits” shortcut, but it seems like it only worked for the old non-draft editing system. I hoped it would apply commits regardless, but that’s not the case.


I need this to keep my workflow as optimal as it did before we had drafts. The lack of shortcuts is detrimental to this. I was about to post this exact thing but looks like I got ninja’d! :open_mouth:

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What is the “current” draft? The one you have opened in the script editor?

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That’s what I had in mind when writing it, yes.