Shortcuts to make instance navigation faster

Currently, navigating and managing instances in the Explorer is too slow for advanced developers. There is no shortcut to quickly move children instances to new parents.

You either have to move the instances by dragging,

use a script to move things out,:

game.Selection:Get()[1].Parent = workspace

or use the Parent property in the properties window (thank you for the reminder @Crykee) null8S149N

The lack of shortcuts makes moving instances between parents very time consuming when dealing with larger projects. All of these methods requires moving the mouse.

There is also no workaround Plugin for this. (If there is, please link it below in this thread.)

Suggested Shortcuts:

Move instances to next parent (Ctrl+Shift+ArrowkeyUp)
Move instances to workspace (Ctrl+Shift+W)
Selected instances to model (Ctrl+Shift+Z)


FWIW it is relatively trivial to write a plugin like this, and with pluginactions you can have rebindable shortcuts too.


Unfortunately, I do not possess the brainpower needed to create a plugin like this, no matter how trivial it may be to make.

If someone creates it, I will gladly endorse and use it.


I need this in my life. I waste way too much time trying to drag things and since Roblox doesn’t integrate selections into undo history the number of times I accidentally missclick while dragging is to bloxing high!


Definitely support this. While I can’t see it being beneficial to me personally as primarily a programmer, I think the feature should be there for those members of the community who would benefit from it.

simply because this can be done with a plugin (thank god) I wouldn’t see a use to get this coded into the engine itself.

However I’m currently mid development of a plugin just like this and I’m also currently trying to add an easy way to add these custom actions yourself through the plugin (still would need manual assigning within the studio settings ofc)

I’ll keep y’all updated on when I’m done and have a properly functional plugin out by editing this post to the documentations when they’re written.

Documentations and plugin can be found here


Thank you so much for creating this! This has sped up my workflow immensely.

Until Roblox adds it as a basic tool, I will recommend this. I’m also marking this as the solution for now.