Should align positions/body movers be client sided

Hi i’ve been using align pos in the server side it pretty much works fine for most things however when I want it to interact with another player they are not set to server of course but there is latency between when the players should be aligning.

Would firing all clients be a good solution to this?

Ahhhh maybe it is best to put an welded onto the character and set that to serverside but not sure if that works, anyone know what the best solution is?

It really depends on your game.

If your game depends on highly smooth and responsive movement, you don’t really have any other choice than to grant the client access to directly modify the instances in question. This poses an extra security risk though.

The best choice is often to give the client the ability to change these instances while validating the inputs of the client on a serverscript any frame. For example, if you have a BodyVelocity, your server script would check to ensure the clients are not feeding the BodyVelocity a velocity whose magnitude exceeds a maximum speed.