Should developers utilize multiple social networks, or a single social network?

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Hey everyone, I’d like to hear your opinions with social media growth and advertising through Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks when expanding your studio to multiple projects.

More specifically, I’d like to see if you find it more effective, or think it would be more effective, to keep social networking to a single account or hub, such as a studio based discord server, or spanning across multiple social accounts, such as one discord server for one major project and another discord server for another major project.

As developers continue to grow on the ROBLOX platform, this is all a tough decesion we will all face at some point - developers find them asking themselves: Do I make multiple social accounts for my projects, or stick to one big one?

To provide a little more context, here’s a few bullet points I’ve come up with myself for both options. Feel free to share some more.

Single Social Accounts / Hubs


  • Maintain higher follower, subscriber, or member count
  • Much easier to advertise new projects or news


  • People may receive news and information on content they aren’t interested in
  • It may be harder to grow your social networks without people feeling centralized on a single game or topic

Multiple Social Account / Hub


  • New social followers, subscribers, or members are more likely to stick around if the content is centralized on a single game or topic
  • Much easier to consistently grow your social networks as people signed up for exactly the news and information they are interested in receiving


  • You have to start from square 1 in growing your new social media accounts
  • Much more difficult to advertise to the large audience you’ve worked to grow for your other project(s)

Looking forward to hearing your opinions or experience on this difficult situation that many developers face.

Happy developing, and happy new year! :fireworks:


Sorry, which one is which? Both of the chapters are Single Social Account / Hub :thinking:


Thanks for letting me know of my error, I’ve adjusted the post.

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Multiple Social Accounts seems better :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly, I’d start with Twitter using the RobloxDev hashtag, as you may be able to achieve some growth from there; once that happens start advertising your discord server and getting more social media accounts.


Honestly i’d go with having multiple social media accounts. However, i would only have one per site. Creating media accounts for multiple different games would be stressful as well as counter productive as having a twitter account for all your games could draw players from different communities of your games to different ones. Plus having multiple means no matter what app/ site they use they can always interact with members of the community and get regular updates on the games.

As @Eluates said i would start with twitter.