Should I add custom character customization or use the player's outfit?

I’m at a bit of a crossroads here. I’m currently in the development of a pvp combat battle royale project, and for monetization I wanted to make an avatar shop where players can spend my in-game currency on buying select shirts, pants, and hats for their in-game avatar. However, unlike many combat games that do the same thing, my game isn’t medieval or futuristic, and the items in the catalog would be strikingly similar to the casual attire players already get for their roblox avatar.

I don’t think it’s impossible for me to get it right, but I’m trying to understand if making that type of catalog would be a good idea or if it would piss players off. Players would lose access to all their outfits and instead have to go through my catalog to get the style they want with more filtering and limitations.

The main benefits I can see to creating a customization system atm:

  • I have another solid incentive for players to spend the in-game currency, and buy more of it with robux
  • I would have control over inappropriate clothes or gigantic body accessories players can bring to the game
  • since players can pay for the clothes with in-game earnings, it would be cheaper than buying items that are normally expensive in the catalog

But is that enough to make it worthwhile?

Basically what I’m asking is should I scrap my idea for character customization? Or is there a better way that I can make an avatar customization system that players can get behind?

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I would say that yes, you should go with the custom character system IF you can make it simple to use and have custom accessories (or the best of the best hats from the ROBLOX catalog). Most Battle Royale games have the custom character system implanted, but a lot of them have boring and dull looking accessories. For me as a player, that is a big factor as if I am going to keep playing or not.

That is my opinion.

If is it for a battle royale game I recommend you to do it 100%