Should I add Drag to my Golf Game?

My golf game Bloxy Golfing has no drag. Choose wether I should add it or not. Please consider the pros and cons mentioned below the poll.

  • Yes
  • No

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The image shows the difference drag can make on a ball position. This difference would be compensated by the strike strength.

Reason to Implement: add larger maps, fix a noclip bug (which doesn’t happen frequently with small maps).


  • Larger maps to be made (balls currently don’t have drag, and because of this they can reach high speeds If they were to be stroke further away, which sometimes lead to a no clip bug. With the drag system this would be solved);
  • Material friction will be enhanced (you would see better the ground travel distance difference between a rough and a fairway material, for example);
  • Will enable bigger green zones (for the same reason above);
  • Would look more realistic;
  • Will make calculator players take more time to play;
  • The preview of the ball motion would probably be removed, forcing cheaters to find out the physics formula with drag to cheat.


  • I will probably have to figure out the projectile motion formula with the average drag, which I don’t know yet (I only know how to set the instant drag);
  • I will have to discard my previous maps for being too small as soon as I make large map content;
  • The preview of the ball motion would probably be removed (instead I will put a dart target at the ground showing where the ball will land.

Preview of drag system:

I think that’s up to you

Drag would make the game harder, so if you are able to, you can create another gamemode for experienced players, which has the drag system

But again, that’s up to you

Yes, I love Bloxy Golfing and I think drag is the only thing it’s really missing from being a front page game.