Should I add this?

Can I add civilian npcs and when you aim your gun at them they beg for their life? I want to add this but i do not know if I can. Dialogue:
“Please don’t”
“No No No!”
“Please don’t i have a family”
“Please don’t I want to live, please don’t do it!”
“Stop, is this a prank?”
“Please don’t you don’t want to do this”

Don’t add that. I am not going to even take a peek at the Roblox TOS, this seems like something they WOULD NOT allow. Please let me know if I help.

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I am just curious but why? Could you explain please?

Don’t feel like going through TOS rn lol but the thing is, it just doesn’t seem like something roblox would allow. I just feel it is a bit too far. Escpecially with it being branded as a kids game and it going public on the stock market.

Seems fine to me, don’t add gore or intense graphics that could scare children though.


Roblox is attempting to expand to a older audience, maybe it’ll be allowed, as a 18+ game just like vc


I would suggest not having civilians beg for their life, instead, penalize the player for killing civilians. Kinda like Notoriety, where you are encouraged to hold civilians hostage to trade them out, and killing civilians will cause you to lose money.


The game will penalize them, but having them beg will encourage the player not to kill the innocent civilian.

You would think, but… I was surprised by the Roblox branded tech demo People City Cars that outfitted the player with a gun and pedestrians to shoot. (who do in fact cower after being hit initially). I would have thought this wouldn’t be condoned and yet it seems they were encouraging such. ??? Go figure.