Should I advertise this obby for 1k robux?


I am considering advertising my obby game, but I’m not sure about it since I only have a budget of 1k robux.

I released the game 3 weeks ago, and thanks to social media advertising it did very well in the first few days. Two hours after release it even reached 100 concurrent players.
I was so happy and thought this might finally be my way to succes. But nope, despite the 86% like ratio, frequent updates and “explosive” release, it keeps getting less and less players, now it’s even struggling to get 1 concurrent player. :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s why I am considering sponsoring or advertising it. But like I said earlier, I only have a budget of 1k robux. That’s not a lot. However, all of that robux has been earned by the game, which currently has 10k visits, so I think it earns kind of good?

So my question is: Will advertising that game for 1k robux earn it back? And are there maybe some things I could improve/add to the game before advertising, so that it has more earning potential?
Also, what is better, advertising or sponsoring? or both?

If some people could give me some feedback I could really use it,


Try advertising your 1000 robux but do sponsor not advert

I’m playing the game on my main right now and It’s amazing I really love it


Okay I will try it and just see what happens, I hope I won’t lose all my robux :grimacing:

And thank you so much for playing and enjoying it! :blush:

But is there maybe also something you don’t like in the game? Then please tell me, and I can improve it before I sponsor the game.

Hi, I really love your obby. It is original and creative! I think this is really enjoyable and I hope your advertisements will work out they way you want. I would advertise the obby for 1k robux.

Good luck!


There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy

I feel like your problem may more be player retention. What’s unique about the obby that makes players want to come back and play it again? (Rebirth reward system?, daily rewards)

Also you need to PROMOTE those things. Idk what gems do when I join the game, idk how to get gems when I join the game. What are gems, how do they benefit me? As a developer you know a lot more than the player :stuck_out_tongue:

Additionally, I think the obby has a few bugs, and is lacking some of the quality of life updates that other games have. IMO the UI is a bit big at the bottom, and missing simple stuff like not having a mute musics tilts me a bit. I also can’t go back to former stages which is kinda annoying, since like majority of obbies these days have them.

So all in all, I would get some feedback and add some more features that obbies these days have!

(also haha, use magic want to teleport to another spawn)


I’m not, i just deleted that message because I type this by a mistake, sorry

Thank you so much!
I will try advertising :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all that feedback!

The player retention is indeed something that could be optimised in my game. There is already a rebirth system that gives you 100 diamonds. But it’s actually called “completions”, so maybe I should rename it to “rebirths” since most roblox players are already familiar with that.

And for the gems and the other stuff I should promote, that’s actually in the game description and on the signs at the spawn. But so maybe a lot of people don’t read those. Do you maybe know how I could make those things more clear to the players?

Also, did you experience any specific bugs? If so, please tell me so that I can fix them.
And thanks for all the other tips you gave! I’ll try to add/fix everything as soon as possible.
But I am wondering tho, how would that going back to previous stages work? I’ve never actually seen that before in other games.

But… How did you get that magic wand and those other items in your inventory? That’s not an item I added in the game xd.

Anyways, thanks for all the feedback! (And sorry for all these new question haha :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

Tutorial cutscenes or popups are usually pretty effective. Keep them small, but they will catch people’s attention. (I didn’t read the signs and walked past them :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you die with the go back to a previous checkpoint UI on your screen, it gets stuck.

Previous stages are becoming more common these days, (take a look at difficult chart obbies)
It usually involves 2 int variables, one of the furthest the player has gone, and one for the current player spawn.
Here’s a resource that could help you

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Forgot to answer that last one, that was gear I had. Elder Wand - Roblox

Sponsorships are really ineffective as they tend to have a significantly lower CTR when compared to advertisements. (I get around 0.60-0.80% CTR for mediocre advertisements compared to the 0.29% CTR I get with sponsored games.)

If you want to successfully market your game and reach a reasonable amount of concurrent players you would have to advertise 1k+ robux (ideally 5k+) a day until you get a stable player base. This is all provided that your game is something people are interested in which all depends on the audience.

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Haha yeah, then that’s probably what most people do, I will add a popup tutorial.

Oh oops, I didn’t realise I had gears enabled on the game, but thanks, now I fixed it.

And thank you for all the other useful tips! I will implement them and then I hope the game will get better :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks for the information. I will focus on ads. But sadly, I don’t have that much robux. So I will first have to find other, free ways to advertise.