Should I be concerned about the possible deprecation of Mouse?

On the developer hub it says:

Mouse has been superseded by UserInputService and ContextActionService , which cover a broader scope, are more feature rich, and support cross-platform patterns better. It remains supported because of its widespread use, but you should strongly consider using these alternatives.

Link: Mouse | Roblox Creator Documentation

I’ve been prioritizing UserInputService onto a majority of my games but honestly it’s such an inconvenience considering how much backend work you have to do: especially if the project is going to be cross-platformed.

My question is: should I be fine using the Mouse engine class? I’m just wondering if I’m looking a little too far into this.

No but don’t be surprised if it ever stops working, partially or fully, and doesn’t get fixed. It’s also just a bad API now, UIS and CAS might be a little more tedious but they’re far more functional.

If the simplicity is that big of a deal you can always just write your own “mouse” module script that runs off UIS or CAS. You’ll end up with a far better system than :GetMouse() could have ever given you.


:red_circle: Proposed Solution:
I personally use it as it makes our life easier. It has many useful properties and events and you do not need to Raycast and do any of that. Once you see the tag Deprecated stop using it, else you can continue doing so. (The Mouse object offers you the ability to change the icon of it, something that UserInputService does NOT offers.)

:yellow_circle: Unrelated:
I honestly hate when Roblox adds 5 things (just an example) and deprecates one object that used to do those 5 things all at once. It makes it all more complicated as you will have to combine the new 5 things added to form the behavior of the old Object.

For example:
→ Mouse. (Not deprecated yet, but superseded)UserInputService gives more freedom to do your own Mouse object and even a better one, but there is no need for most people to do that.
→ IntConstrainedValue (Deprecated)math.clamp was added but this is just a function compared to the ValueBase that would automatically do everything for you.

In short, even though they are adding new services and tools that will make it easier for us to do better objects than the ones offered. I would also love it if they could integrate already made objects that uses the new systems instead of us making them.