Should i be concerned about this "back door" script this player is (possibly) using?

Hello! This is my first time writing a topic like this so i have no idea how to do this but ill try my best.

So basically in my game i have a FeedBack System where players can send me messages like bugs and stuff. One day i was reading thru some and i found somebody saying this :

This was the first time ive seen somebody type something like this but i was busy doing homework so i just ignored it.

Before i continue lemme give a quick rundown of my game so the next part makes more sense

  • A 2d bullet hell survival game (no pvp just levels)

  • All the attacks are on the floor (like lava bricks)

  • Since the attacks are on the floor you can jump over them to not take damage

  • Game uses a top down camera view to make it look 2d


Later on i found this exact guy playing my game (i didnt realize it was the same guy at that time) and he was just walking in the air. I knew he couldnt be lagging because even laggy players eventually fall back to the ground after jumping.

This cheater seemed to be able to control their y position and when i asked if they were hacking they said yes xd

Since my game didnt have any admin commands i just set his points to -10000 which made him ragequit


This morning i decided to copy that code and use devconsole in a private server and this popped up

Now im not a very smart person but something tells me this is some sort of cheat commands

So uh should i be concerned about this and if yes what should i do? (Note : im not a very good scripter i mainly script for fun as a hobby)

This doesn’t look like a big issue to me because unless you have loadstring enabled it shouldn’t be able to run any code. The user should not be able to run that line of code which makes the gui appear as the only way would be to have the game owner dev console access or use an exploiting application

Im 100% sure that it uses VM, loadstring is rarely used for this projects

The guy probably thought your feedback system is a script executor lololol but it shouldn’t be a problem. If you check your developer console it will show you any modules that is required so you dont have to worry too much.