Should I do Commisions for Roblox GFX?

Hello. I’m SoakedBlame. I want to be a gfx designer. I started GFX 2 weeks ago. Some of my projects backfired. I made 1 I really liked. I didn’t have a good editing software like Photoshop, so I wasn’t able to add special affects (I wish), but I was still able to create a background. What do you think?

It wasn’t completed since I only had 1 hour on a computer that uses blender, Roblox and Roblox studio. I also messed up on the legs.
Do you guys think I should do commisions for a low price? (100+ Robux)
By the way, I learned I could use So I’ll try to use that and update this post.

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also if you want photoshop theres a ripoff of it called photopea which has 80% of the features photoshop has which might help with your gfx designing

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Firstly I’d like to say that the image provided looks great!
If it were me I’d probably build my skills when it comes to 3D rendering a bit more before starting to commission. This is due to people asking for things like detailed grass, sand dunes, fog, god rays etc.

If you didn’t already know, using images from google as a background image for a GFX is a copyright issue if it isn’t for personal use.

I hope this helps and I wish you luck on your endeavors!

Thanks, 3k_rq

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Oh, really? Copyright? thanks for telling me.
Do you know how to make a background and not be copyrighted?

If you want to make a realistic background it would look much better if there was a real 3D road, grass trees etc. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make environments on youtube. For skies you can make a Sky PSBR texture, or you can insert a HDRI from HDRI Haven (website). If you want a 2D background adobe illustrator and photoshop are great choices.

Hello Developer,

The GFX you made looks pretty good for a beginner! But I do believe you need to practice more before start selling them. I would recommend you to watch the free tutorials or tips on Youtube, they used to help me improve my skills a lot! :smiley:

Good luck,

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I would continue to design more graphic designs to build up a portfolio to showcase your work, as there is a lot of space that could still use improvements. Why not add more characters and possibly a better background as the design is kinda bland. Have you took the attempt into using blender instead as you could make some high quality designs, and use different methods.

My only other recommendation would be to start creating more designs to build a portfolio and then you could take the opportunity to do commissions, so you should showcase what other designs you have.

Perhaps learn new things like lighting, composition, different poses, characters/proper backgrounds ect.

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