Should I enable free VIP servers on my game?

Hi everyone!

I recently released Cook Burgers on xbox, and a lot of players are playing it! However, the like/dislike ratio went down from 81% to 78% in about 24h. I highly suspect that’s it’s due to new players getting annoyed/bullied by other players (throwing burgers in the trash/stealing money etc…).

I’m considering setting the VIP servers free to prevent this problem, but I’m really afraid that players are going to find the game boring in singleplayer, because the gameplay heavily rely on teamwork and multiplayer interactions. I also think this solution would be unfair for players who bought a VIP server for “nothing”.

I’m not sure what to do and I’m really interested in hearing your opinions on that!


Hey Sssqd!

Instead of making free VIP servers you could add a cooldown to the “trashing” system or make it possible for players that would only make them be able to pick up the burgers they made/touched.


If the issue is that players can move around on your stuff, stea|l your money and so on, it sounds like stopping them from being able to do that is going to fix your problem. Have you considered adding in some measures to ensure players can’t disrupt other players’ game?

If disrupting is a big part of your game, it sounds like opening up VIP servers could be a possible solution. However, you also have to accept that some people just don’t like having their game disrupted by strangers.

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You could have VIP servers but then you may lose some of the profits. You could always make it so you can’t do them things to stop people.

I don’t mind losing a bit of profit if it makes the players experience better, also @Ravenshield, the fact that players can take other player’s stuff is part of the gameplay (it’s necessary for the teamwork), the issue is that some players are abusing it :frowning:


Free VIP servers will encourage more people to come play your game, and since you said that the game relies heavily on teamwork, you could make it such that your VIP servers have some special admin/non admin commands so that people will want to get into VIP servers.

However, I think you should improve the system first for the game. If I was a new player and immediately got bullied or just trolled by other high level players, I will definitely feel annoyed and won’t want to play the game again(I won’t go as far as to disliking the game).
You could make it such that only the person who fried the fries/burger can dispose of it.

NOTE: I played your game for about 5-10 mins and I was really confused. I wondered what to do and eventually managed to fry fries but I still have no idea how to make a burger. Maybe one reason so many people dislike your game is because they don’t know how to play it. It could be especially confusing for younger kids. You could have a quick tutorial showing the basics like how to make a burger, fries, how the place works etc.

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I didn’t realized the game was so confusing to play for new players, thanks a lot! I think I’ll work on a tutorial. btw, vip servers owners can kick players and clear the kitchen at any time!

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I have to agree with Jagerzdxx. It was a little confusing because there was nothing to tell you what to do. May I suggest you make a tutorial. Edit: Sorry just seen what you posted about making a tutorial.

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What about locking interaction to the player only for the current process - so if you’re flipping burgers, only you can flip and remove your own burgers. But once you’re done with a step, it’s free for taking.
This will allow people to help each other, but you can’t directly disrupt the gameplay for each step. Doing this, you can also reward the player for finishing their step, ensuring all progress isn’t loss if another player steals the product.

Adding democratic management tools can also help here, such as a votekick. Then players can vote out people who just disrupt the gameplay.

I think you should allow free VIP servers or like @ScrxedDev said, a cooldown system.

In my opinion you shouldn add some sort of limitations or countermeasures to teamwork abusers. For example you could make a votekick system (But it comes with it’s cons, for example people could abuse it to kick undesired people even if they didn’t do anything bad), or some sort of punishment for being abusive based off players voting (Same cons as before).

In my opinion the best thing to do is to partially limitate the teamwork, for example putting the impossibility to trash someone else’s food.

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Enabling free VIP Server’s would fix the problem, however there are more solutions above that would work. However, I think enabling the servers would be the best option. (In my opinion)

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So I played your game and it was really fun! I think all you have to do is something like Work at a Pizza Place where once u touch a burger no one else can mess with it

Most of the time when I make a burger, someone steals it. If you do make VIP servers free, I think some people may not notice it (like xbox players, noobs, etc.). It’s really annoying having someone steal your burger, so that’s the main thing that I would do.

Edit: I think free VIP servers would make the game more fun, allowing you to just work alone without anyone messing up your work

Edit2: A troller who had gamepasses threw my burgers and all the players into the trash. He also (purposely) walked on the counter and flung off everything, so making free VIP servers would stop that from happening. You could put something like a “local mode” where once this is turned on it will not let others be able to mess with you or anything you grab (unless if the other player grabbed it first)