Should I even have a lobby in my game?

So the idea game to me, should I just delete my lobby?

The lobby I have is well built but honestly it has no use. I was originally going to have a clothing store (just as extra revenue) but that can be done in a GUI. In the lobby it also caused lag so I removed it.

It was going to be used for just buying items in stores but then I converted the stores to GUIs because no player wants to run around back and forth in a lobby to get the items they want.

Arsenal doesn’t have a lobby and their game is doing amazing.

Should I just scrap the lobby? If anything at this point it’s unnecessary lag for new players and a useless part of the game.

Genre: Round based survival zombie game.

  • Keep the lobby.
  • Remove the lobby.

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What is the game genre, some genres should have lobbys and others shouldn’t

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Round based zombie survival game.

Yes, you should have a lobby…

Arsenal doesn’t have a lobby because it’s an FPS. Given that genre, there really is no point in having a lobby as you want to get straight into the gameplay and kinda takes away the feel to the game. For a zombie survival game, you should because it’s ideal to display things such as the shop, or assets and ect. Additionally, it just naturally fit’s in with the game.

The shop is all GUI based. The actual lobby is pretty much just a place to sit and wait.

I just don’t see a point in having one if it does nothing except cause lag for low end users.

And players will see the assets anyways in the maps?

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That is the whole point of the lobby. It gives player’s the opportunity to interact with each other whilst waiting for the round or whatever. There is also that fact that users often get intrigued with your builds, designs and ect that is often portrayed in the lobby, that captures the player’s attention as soon as they join. It’s your choice if you want a lobby or not, but depending on the gameplay and how you want to dive into the game, you make the choices.

As long as your lobby is optimised as best as you can, you don’t really need to worry about that. At the end of the day, not all games perform perfectly on all devices given the spectrum of the device, it doesn’t need to.