Should I have guns in my explosive-based game?

I’m creating a team pvp game about breaking into a complex. Things like C4, Pipe Bombs, and Dynamite are used to destroy walls and hurt players, and can be modded with radios and other paraphernalia to add remote detonation, timed detonation, and can even be set off with gasoline spills. In short, I’m making a very in-depth system. My question to everyone here is if I should give every player a pistol on spawn. It would do ~25% damage on body shots, and 50% on head shots. Here’s a pros and cons list I’ve made:


  • Easier ranged combat
  • Better for quick player-to-player combat
  • FPS players are more inclined to play


  • Detracts from explosives system
  • I hate programming guns and fixing latency issues
  • Makes the game less unique

What do you guys think? Should I add this pistol or no? Ask questions about this game if you wish. Once I’m finished, a link to the game will be posted here, so watch the thread if interested!

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I’d keep with a bomb focused combat system. If your plan is to only have bombs you could have an interesting game. However, if this not part of the game’s brand and marketing I’d say add guns. If you go down this route of just explosive items you should make sure it’s a main focus of the game.


Yes. But not as a secondary weapon.
Let’s say a explosive pistol, shoots further but deals less damage compared to a hand grenade.
I think it’s fair, isn’t it?

what about guns to explode the expolsive?

if you want easier ranged combat make a bomb addon that encourages range based play, maybe balance it by making it hard to play close range

want quicker player to player combat? why not just make some bomb detonate at contact? it would be a great way to have people be more close ranged, which could be a good foil for ranged users

want fps users more inclined to play? why not make the game have an fps interface? the standard setup with and models and first person

I dont think guns would be necessary if you could just do these things with your bombs anyways