Should I keep working on my game?

I had the idea for the game about a couple weeks ago, and started creating it. At the time I thought it was an absolutely genius idea, seeing as there was no exact competitors. The game is a mall type game where clothing designers can promote their clothing with their own custom made booths( if you wanna check it here’s the link not even close to done but the basic idea and systems are there : The Robloxian Mall - Roblox ) . I’m realizing now this idea is pretty dumb, cause there are a ton of avatar editors out there that allow users to customize their character however they want, I added bloxbiz catalog to solve this problem but that sorta ruins the point of the mall. This is my first game I’ve really tried to commit myself too, but the code is poorly written, and I don’t see the game peaking anyones interest especially with the barrage of avatar editor games.

If you wanna test out the game, and tell me bugs you find and overall feedback that’ll be greatly appreciated. Also just tell me if it’s worth making the game still.


To be honest, I can see where you’re going at. Having 2D/layered clothing designers advertise their clothing is a pretty decent idea. All you need is:

  • A map to add ambience towards the game.
  • Some badges, perhaps to encourage Players to purchase clothing through your game.
  • Improved UI.

For the map, I feel that a small city/park could work as the setting for this game, to encourage Players with interacting with clothing designers, and provide a more socialisable environment for Players.

  • Feel that clothing designers who’ve claimed a stall are able to customise the colour, text font or even place props outside the store to decorate and attract more Players.
  • Bug where you aren’t able to close the GUI after you have added rigs into your store.
  • Make sure to use emojis, and include a more detailed description on what you can do, why you should play etc. A thumbnail is also important in order to reel users in.
  • Text for the “I’m a Clothing Designer” is too big, try scaling it down. Players should also be notified that they can change their options through their Settings.
  • Please use the move tools to properly place the text flat down on the store’s walls. I can see them being slightly spaced out from them, so that’s something to fix.
  • The name of the Player’s store is blocked in their owned Store.
  • I suggest making it such that the game saves the plot of the Player’s store, and will give Players the options to use these plots whenever they join a new game and claim a store.
  • Make it such that when a rig is being placed, they can’t be collided with. You should also make rigs that have not been set yet to have the ProximityPrompt to customise the rigs be disabled (ProximityPrompt doesn’t work, and just make sure other Players can’t interact with them).

Thank you so much I’ll look into your feedback I like the idea of a park environment for the map, and I’ll fix the bugs you have mentioned.