Should i make a big campaign game?

i want to know if it would be worth making a big game with 13 chapters with about 13 hour gameplay.

and should i make the game continue on with a ending that hints at another game.
or should i make the game have the completed story that doesn’t hint at another game?

i have no idea how i will make the game but this is what i have so far:

interactable animations,
character designs,
some of the story completed,
test dialog,
working doors,
working puzzles,

however im really bad with:

Varying Custom Ai, – example is when you get close the ai will back away or it only hears sound, and some that shoots and some that rush.
Working Extremely realistic View Bobbing,
Full on movement system, without jumping or dashing
Full animation system,
Boss fights,
Sound Effects/Music/OST,
Building Models,
Dialog/Voice Actors,
and Particle Effects.

I need to figure out how to learn all of this well making the game. now if anyone could give me some pointers or even some help with the game i will be so happy!

More stuff that i need:
(Nothing New here)


Depends on the effort, but I believe you can learn about stuff you need to do! Good luck on the development.


Not sure if you should make this thing on Roblox for multiple reasons:

  1. Good luck trying to upload assets, a game this large would probably get falsely moderated (although it is possible to use an alt)
  2. It would be really hard to advertise it, although a long game like this seems as if it would probably be directed towards older audiences

Those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more.
A game like this would probably be better made with a different game engine, although that’s not to discourage you. Roblox has its advantages too, so if you really feel like it, go for it!


Quality > Quantity.

Would you rather have an amazing breathtaking game that lasts 20min-1hr or a mediocre game with repetitive dialog and events for 13 hours.

Maybe you could make chapters 20-30 minutes each and have like 26-36 chapters and when the game first releases you can have like 1, 2, or 3 chapters and extend it over time to generate hype.

Also to avoid repetitive content try to make longer (but not too long) events like maybe a escape the monster thing for like 5 minutes but it will be super entertaining so the user won’t get bored.

You may also need a development team of a large size to operate this.


i would change some to a lot of things and sometimes bring back things from other chapters but i will try to change everything chapter to chapter.

if i do end up making it i would most likly play it over and over and get some others to also try it, also to make different stuff for the same thing,

what i mean is for example there will be a area that will need a lever to access i would make 3 different puzzles instead of a lever. maybe make a part for something else.

im also planning to make the game a shooter and some part horror game. where the players gun is useless in very few but scary areas.

i hope that i will be able to achieve both Quality but also Quantity


One thing you can do to speed up this entire process is to have like template FPS, Stealth, and other missions so you won’t have to rewrite


Smart! I’ll try that. Thanks btw


Thanks, ill try my best! I really hope this game becomes as good as im hoping