Should I make my beta testing game cost robux?

So I’m a pretty small developer, and I just made a beta world game for my game, Inquisitors.

I made it cost robux, but then I thought: “Should I do this?” So I came here.

Should I make it cost robux?



If you think that even 1 person will buy it then do it. In general making a game cost Roblox is a good way to not have a lot of players explore your game. The only problem with this isn’t should or shouldn’t you make it cost. Instead it’s how much it should cost. If it’s a large game you can go up to even 500 robux. If it’s small keep it from 25-100. I’d like to hear your idea of it.

I hope this helped you!

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I think you shouldn’t cost it access, here is why:

  1. If you were going to test something out for any of your friends or ask people for Feedback on the Developer Forums, then you shouldn’t.

  2. In the future, if you did have testers and they didn’t have R$ in their account or can’t buy it, then what would they do? Miss out on some important things in testing and can’t see some features…

  3. And finally, it would not have a good audience for users who can’t afford it on the platform, like other games that are accessible for R$, take some free games out there on the platform, the more revenue, and players than paid access.

Anyway, those are my tips and ideas about why you shouldn’t, I hope they helped you out, later! :wave:

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Too many cons, so I might just as well make it not available for robux :slight_smile: