Should I preload assets on the client or server?

I’m not to familiar with contentProviderService, however I was wondering if I should preload the assets on the client or the server? i’m actually not sure how it would work. Here are some ideas tho, if I load all the assets on the client, then all assets I clone or replicate on the client only will be smooth perhaps? but if it’s made on the server it won’t be smooth? But if I preload on the server it will be smooth for eveything btu might take more resources as the server will have to preload hundreds of assets?

Usually you load assets on the client as the server instantly loads everything in the game.

Also with ContentProvider:PreloadAsync(), you only want to load important assets like a capture point and/or animations so there aren’t any problems with the client loading those or to just be able to seem them quicker.


Just thought I’d add on some more information regarding preloading:

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