Should I promote my Roblox game through Twitter?

I’m currently working on a new Roblox game called “MONKEY RUN” as a solo developer. Despite the game’s development starting pretty recently, I managed to get a lot of it done and its somewhat close to release.

Gameplay: Its basically a game similar to Rage Runner, except there’s a giant monkey head which chases you, killing you upon contact. You must make it to the end without dying, while collecting bananas (the currency of the game) which are scattered around the randomly generated obstacles. These bananas are used to buy certain gear and (I might add) death sounds. Wins are also gained as currency and are used to unlock new trails.

I’ve heard that talking about your game and posting about it’s progress and certain updates on social media while its being developed is a good way to promote it as it would bring hype and early supporters to the game. I was wondering how I should execute this and if the game is good enough to promote.


Id say go for it, even though i believe that you need a decent following to promote your game through twitter there’s still a chance of your game being seen and played, but i suggest that you dont stop at twitter, use whatever platform you feel will give the most traction.

How you should go about it? personally i think ill let other devs help you with that. But i do feel like having the game 75% done then posting about it is great. Id also suggest you always keep your potential players in high regard, you can do that by always posting updates logs and answering some questions.

I personally think its good to post about it even if you think they game isn’t good. By what I’ve read i know some players will still player (if you manage to find them). Post about the game anyways and build a community once you’ve done that well the rest is history.


Yes, promoting it on Twitter would be good. But have you considered TikTok? The TikTok algorithm is the best out of all social medias, you can definitely reach more people on TikTok. I’d promote on both if I was you.


Focus on the demographic of your game. Once you know what age category etc. you’re targeting, look at demographics of social media platform users to find which platforms have user-bases which most closely align with your target audience.


Yea! I say go for it :smiley:
Lot of Roblox games dose that and you don’t have to have a big following tbh just keep up the posts!!and soon you will get more and more players!

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