Should i release everything at once or make small updates?

So I am planning to release a game, and every feature i think of i add it in, but should i minimize the things i add and add it after in updates? I know it can regrow a bit of a player base but will a player base develop at all if the game doesn’t have as many features? Share your thoughts


If you want small updates often you need to make the base or release of the game impressive enough to get people to keep playing. The issue with small updates is that they often aren’t enough to really get someone invested enough to play your game compared to larger updates. Smaller updates are also harder to keep up because the content you are planning to release later is already made, but new content after will take time to make. But the benefits to small updates is that new players will feel like they have a lot to do and a lot to play. It also keeps people returning to your game. I recommend you release a large portion of your game and save things you could work on more for future updates

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