Should I release the game with roblox data store?

Soon I’m going to release my first game but I heart that roblox data store is bad because it often loses data. I’m using roblox data store but I’m planning to change it after releasing the game. Is that possible?

Well, it isn’t that bad.

Just that when roblox has certain outages, the data may fail to load.

However, We’ve got solutions for that like checking if the DataStoreService is down.

And using modules like ProfileService and DataStore2 can be reliable.

Like using ProfileService’s CriticalStateSignal can keep the system aware that DataStoreService may be having problems. ProfileService also has other benefits like Session locking, more about that here with a great explanation from EncodedLua.

Like warning the player that their data will not be loaded, neither will be saved when they leave to keep it safe from being corrupted.

And DataStore2 has benefits like data loss prevention etc, however it’s only made for that. Unlike ProfileService which has other benefits.

Overall, using Roblox’s DataStores isn’t a problem at all, there can be critical states where it can be down. But that can be detected.