Should I remake/Add VFX on this stance?

So since I’m working on a magic RPG game, should I change some visual effects of this awakened shadow stance? I think it looks nice but a bit empty at the same time. I’m opened to some suggestions.

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You should probably change the animations since they don’t really correlate to each other very well. The VFX is done very well though!


the gfx doesn’t have much to it, you can take inspiration from the strongest battlegrounds, hero hunter ultimate because that looks like the style you are going for.

here r some pictures


(also sorry for picture quality lol)

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Mhhh… I see, thanks for the suggestion mate. I also tought about doing something like that. I’ll check on that!

Thanks for the reply, it’s true that they don’t really follow each other, maybe I should change the idle animation for the attack’s keycode hold. So like when the player prepare an attack by holding the keybind this stance comes up and the the skill occure.