Should I Replace Remote Events/Functions With "LogService.MessageOut"?

Hello Developers! Recently I’ve found out There is a Service Called LogService that can be used to detect printed messages from both the Client and Server by using

local LogService = game:GetService("LogService")

LogService.MessageOut:Connect(function(Message, MessageType)
    if Message == "Hello World!" then
        print("Goodbye World!")

and this brings me to the question Should I replace some Remote Events and Remote Functions with This code since You could detect printed Messages from both the Client and Server?

And is


reliable enough to be used un replace as one?

Tell me what you think and tell me if this is supposed to be posted in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support just in case I am wrong.

This may have changing, unexpected or unreliable behavior depending on how the game engine logs things. It should not be relied upon for any important game logic.

No, you really shouldn’t. I don’t think this would work outside of Studio, either.

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