Should I sponsor my game for all the robux I have currently? (250 robux)

I’ve sponsored my game for 100 robux before and it got 20 plays and I think one of the players was the one that bought 2 gamepasses for 140 robux so I profitted 180 robux from that sponsor. Should I try this again but raise the stakes this time? If I make robux from this sponsor it’ll go right back to sponsoring so it could benefit me or it could flop and be a waste. Should I do it?

Game (So you can see the gamepasses) → Disappearing Obby - Roblox


Well, this is a hit-or-miss subject. You could get more plays and more people buying passes, or a couple of plays with one buyer and barely any profit. Really, I say only go a tiny bit higher (not straight to 250), just to test if it has the same amount or more/fewer players who see the advertisement. -Soph

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