Should i Sponsor or run ADs...?

Hi there!

I am the maker of a plane series on ROBLOX called Ro-Planes that’s been around since 2009.
Me and my new team are in the process of revamping it to today’s standards in 2021.

Here is the game link Game

I don’t know too much about advertising in 2021 so i am wondering whats more effective…? Classic ADs or running sponsors…?
I’ve seen that sponsors can be ran up to 28 days… Whats the most efficient length and price to run them for…?
For some reason my game seems to attract mostly mobile/tablet players when there is no mobile support implemented although its in the works, I’ve seen people say they sponsor for one day on friday, then 2 days saturday and sunday, Or for 3 days over the weekend, is that more effective than a full 7 days sponsoring…?
Basically what im asking is how do i sponsor my game most effectively and for how much and for how long and for all 3 platforms? or just mobile/tablet…?.. should i even run ads at all? only sponsors…?


Checked out the game its pretty good. I think that you should make a discord for the game or hype the game for an update. I personally think that ads are meh because of the misleading ads.


also you should add some big planes for your game.

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There already is a discord that should be linked under the game.

were mostly working on bug fixes/mobile controls and then doing things like planes, but that also requires a reliable plane builder.

I’ve found greater success in sponsors over ads since players with ad-blockers tend to have advertising elements blocked by default. Sponsored games are still visible unless the adblock user makes a custom filtering rule for it. So my answer is: Sponsors. However, I’m not sure if there’s an “effective” way to use sponsors, so don’t blow all your money on sponsoring, it’s not a completely reliable way to grow your game. Only do it if you can handle the potential losses.

I suggest trying other methods like changing your game icon and thumbnails, this can amplify player count as this can inform the player that your game has updated. And ultimately, your game needs to give people a reason to keep playing. Good retention and monetization strategies will go a much longer way.


Ive noticed my recent game icon change has helped the player count a lot.
not so much replay-ability there yet but that just depends what people enjoy doing.

How long should i be sponsoring for though? was 3 day through weekend a good plan? or…


It’s not a bad idea, but it’s not that black and white. I work on a game called Notoriety, and we only sponsor the game for when we push out brand new content. When we pushed out an update that allows players to get skin patterns for their weapons, we peaked up to 3,000 concurrent players, and finally pushed our game rating from 89% to 90%. Reaching out this update was a combined effort of changing the title and icon, using sponsorships, and using game update notifications.

If your overall goal is to attract more players, then define the audience you already have, figure out what they want from you. At least once a week I hop into the game and chat with players and ask them a series of questions towards the game. Work towards meeting those needs or coming up with an idea that they might like, update the game, and the sponsors & notifications will complement it.

tl;dr - update the game first, then follow through with sponsorships & other tools, regardless of the time and day


Sponsor it, Ad’s though are more noticeable, is a real pain to watch with the added downgrade of making players think that you’re in it for stonks. Sponsors are less intrusive in the gameplay, because player are into the gameplay way more than then ad’s.


Yes theres been a small community under my game for years and years now so we keep in touch with them to see what they want from the game but it hasn’t peaked in popularity since around 2012-2014… since the game is very very outdated but were working our best on it as im pretty stuck in how roblox used to work. things are very different now.
I know that our players currently want mobile controls so that’s our main priority if our scripter is capable of that. ro planes currently only peaks at around 150 players.
If you have anymore advice or help it would definitely be appreciated and considered.

I also have noticed its very difficult to make a cool, fun creative and appealing Thumbnail or Game Icon for a plane game… ive tried making them myself and i can only do some much… and then even “professional” GFX artists on fiverr have a hard time being creative for a plane/flying games images. and i cant afford to pay 10k, 50k robux for some known very good artists on roblox that like phantom forces uses or even thumbnails how yours look for example.

Idk if bumps are a thing still but bump.