Should I start building with smooth plastic only or all materials?

I had started learning building 1 week ago. But my builds are mess and I couldn’t find my suitable building style.

Some of my builds I build them with the material “Smooth Plastic” only, and the others I use the rest like “Wood”,“Concrete”,…

So guys, should I start building with smooth plastic material only or what other materials should I use?


Start with smooth plastic, build low quality stuff and reach to a point, a point which you think is considered good enough.
First, take a look at different games and how they have their models and stuff. For the most basic type, you can try looking at this group and it’s games: 13994171
Try copying buildings / models in games, only use one type of material while you do so at the beginning.

Personally, I believe that building with realistic looking materials is a lot more advanced compared to building stuff with simple materials, like smooth plastic.
But, well, it’s your choice after all. Just make sure that you avoid metal and similar materials. ( worst imo )


If you gonna make a low-poly game i prefer smooth plastic
example: pet simulator X

else you want to make a realistic map or game i prefer to use materials
example: lumber tycoon 2

smooth plastic are usually used in simulators, tycoons (nowadays)
materials usually used in horror games, rp games

I use materials.

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If I built minority with materials, and the others with smooth plastic, would it be okay?


Yes, you can do that. It’s your choice to be honest.
I suggest you to use the least amount of materials to get used to doing things. After that, you will slowly advance. Don’t expect it to be easy.

You should avoid a number of realistic / bad looking materials while doing so.
Good luck in it. and sorry for the late response.

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