Should I start comms

Hello Builders,

I’m wondering if I should start commissions?
If Yes what should be my price?
Here is an example of my build:

Thanks for your feedback! :grinning:


I think you should build more things, so that you can make a portfolio that displays the work you can do…!
As for the actual building, it’s quite cute, I just think it needs a bit more detail lol

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It’s very simple & cute at the same time, I think you could sell it for 100-200 R$, but not more than that because some people might find it blank.

Thx I will work on more builds and start making a portfolio!
Ty for your feedback!

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Ok I will try to make my builds more detailed.
Thx for you feedback!

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You’re welcome and good luck! :+1:

Is this less blank?


Looks awesome! Here’s a guide on average prices: Commission Price Guide For New Developers

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Yes, it’s a bit better. Try focussing on small details like door handles, for instance. This building style is ok but then again some people may think you are just lazy when you’re not. Imo it’s fine tho kinda cartoony & cute :slight_smile:

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Ok I will be working on making smaller details!
Thanks for your advice.

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Thx for the link! Its gonna be helpful.

Is this better?

I think this is a perfectly reasonable skill level to start commissions. A lot of people get hung up over things needing lots of detail, but for the right game this would work perfectly fine.

If you want to go the extra mile and put more details in, there’s certainly room for that. If cartoon/cute is more your thing, than this will do.

Commission pricing is pretty wild. As @SquidTested brought up, there is a “guide” to commissioning for newer developers, but I would really only take that as a suggestion. Consider how much time you spent working on the project, along with what seems reasonable to you. Stand up for the work you put into your projects and don’t take 200 robux because “it’s not detailed enough.”


yeah definitely an improvement

I’d make a bit more then get a portfolio- this is an excellent low-poly style build and looks great. Maybe a bit more detail, but I’d pay a decent amount for that myself. I’d say around 200 robux or so is it’s current price- but it’s a very cute build and I am loving it. Keep up the great work and refine your building techniques. Good luck with your future development career and keep up the great work. :smiley:

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Major improvement I see here. Just that alone may have increased its price by quite a decent amount and now you’ve got yourself a great build. I’d pay about 400 for that.

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try using different build intervals, try using 0.15 or 0.1. They work well.

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I like it, and it’s clean and simple. I would say that this would be more on the cheap side because of how simple it is but I bet lots of people would be asking you to build for them.

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You’ve worked so hard, And it looks very nice for a map, So The ratings will be 8.7/10 for me… And the robux should be :robux: 200-700. Depending on how long that mat is… Have a great day, And I love ur work!