Should I start having paid comms for my gfx?

I have been doing gfx’s every day for about a week and I have become pretty familiar. I am not sure if my works are good enough for people to pay robux for it. (Feedback is also appreciated!)


They all could use a bit more 2d detail to them, but otherwise, I think they’re great! The last one would definitely be something I would pay for.

Look here for average prices: Commission Price Guide For New Developers

Edit: Just realized it doesn’t right on say the GFX prices. I’d say around 500-1K robux for one of those.


Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your compliment and I’ll try to add more 2d features!

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I like the lighting. Definitely something i would pay for, i personally think the first one is worth about 100 robux to me, but they’re all nice :slight_smile: good work

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Did you build the place on the third image?

No, I used a free model lol I’m not good at building my own backgrounds lol

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