Should I stick with making my game alone?

For a while now I’ve been working on a car game and i’m not fluent in Lua I know how to use it but not fluent. I’m loosing motivation to carry on making this game as I keep getting stuck on scripting. Should I get someone to make it with me? Thanks.


When I learned to script, I first had a teacher teach me the basics and when I needed help, he’d help me with what I was stuck on. I still get stuck on things while making games, but that’s how you learn. You gotta get stuck before you can do amazing things.


Depends on your resources and your willingness to collaborate. Me? I’m a cheapy McCheaperson and have little trust in the capabilities and vision of other developers, so I remain a solo developer.

As a solo developer, I can tell you that working on a game all by yourself is very hard. Even with what I would consider a hefty amount of experience in programming, building and all the other branches of game design, making a good game is time-consuming and often littered with roadbumps.

Hope this helped! Good luck on your game, by the way.


Thanks for the reply! I’m very new to the DevFourm community so it’s all new to me this really helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the reply! After reading that I feel quite motivated to start again :slight_smile:

Working on a game alone allows for a lot of control. Meaning you can focus on what makes your game great rather than bloated features that arise from a team. However, good friends can be very motivating when working with them.

Also, work on SMALL PROJECTS, meaning having only 1 or 2 mechanics in your game that you can make a prototype for in 1 day.

Even your big projects should start as small of a scope as you can get, so that you only add what is necessary and benifits your game.

My first game was from a short tutorial on YouTube. My seconds was built off the first but with a light show theme, using lights and scripts that uses CFrames and while loops. My next few prototypes focused on advance player movement which I am still working on. Do not expect to progress at the same rate as others, because I have used many game engines before such as Unity and Godot, but then settled on Roblox for free publishing, servers, and its simplicity when it comes to graphics.

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thanks so much! I understand now! :slight_smile:

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